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Gaming Selection

Bit-Exo's blockchain gaming platform comes integrated with nine fancy provably fair casino games.

One of the most popular DASH gaming additions at Bit-Exo's casino is their provably fair dice. Advanced settings panel gives a lot of options for tweaking. For example, you could switch house edge between 1%-5% to increase your max bet amount. The automated betting feature has extra bells which you couldn't find on other dice platforms.

DASH Plinko is another casino game available on Bit-Exo's blockchain gaming platform.

Traditional DASH casino games are covered with roulette and slots. Both of the games are equipped with the provably fair feature.

DASH Bitsweep is a well-known game as Minesweeper. 25 tile grid is open for collecting bits but be careful not to flip the mine. Cashing out is allowed at any time.

Bitclimber is a single-player crash game. Usually, this game is played as multiplayer but this format is unique to Bit-Exo.

DASH Slider is a game similar to dash with players being able to select their winning probability and range of numbers they bet on sliders. Hit the range and have your wager multiplied.

Wonder Wheel is a wheel-based game where each tile has different color and multiplier. Players select which color do they want to bet on before the spin. Different colors have different payout rates due to the frequency of appearing on the wheel.

Bit-Exo's DASH gaming platform comes equipped with DASH poker games allowing you to play against other real people. Traffic picks up more during the evening hours but is slow-ish during the day.


Bit-Exo's DASH gaming platform does not offer any significant promotions or deposit bonuses to their loyal players.

We couldn't find an active VIP loyalty program.

Games have a built-in progressive jackpot.

Investment into house bankroll available as an alternative to playing.

DASH affiliate program is unavailable at Bit-Exo's DASH casino but you could become the house by investing into the bankroll.

Chatbot comes with the rain feature and permits players to tip each other.

Players chat for interaction.


Games with live dealers unavailable at Bit-Exo's DASH gaming platform.

All of the casino games based on the random number generator algorithms.

The provably fair feature is active for every game.

Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals

Bit-Exo is a blockchain-based gaming platform accepting multiple digital currencies. All of the bankrolls and withdrawals handled by the Moneypot. Players can fund accounts with Dash (DASH), Bit-Exo (BXO), Garlicoin, ADK, Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Flash, and Litecoin (LTC).

Dash (DASH) deposits credited with one confirmation on the blockchain network.

Dash (DASH) withdrawals sent out instantly.

Trust Conclusion

Bit-Exo's only two negatives are slightly robust design and small-ish gaming selection. They make up for it with automated withdrawals handled by the Moneypot gaming company, the provably fair feature being active for every game, and nice progressive jackpots all across the board. Multi-currency support, instant withdrawals, and the provably fair games are the key reasons why the blockchain community likes to play at Bit-Exo.

We are giving Bit-Exo's DASH gaming platform above average trusted rating. Your DASH is safe there.

You should never deposit DASH to a new house without reading our best DASH casino reviews first!

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